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Melania Trump sparks Twitter row after standing in SILENCE during of Pledge of Allegiance MELANIA TRUMP remained silent during the US Pledge of Allegiance, sending Twitter into a flurry of debate.

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  1. Melania Trump tweeted about the truth on Thursday and it was too ironic for many people to handle. The truth will prevail! the first lady wrote in solidarity with a post from her chief of staff Stephanie Grisham accusing someone of spreading falsehoods in exchange for a few dollars & some TV time
  2. On the last night of the RNC, Melania Trump wore a bright, pleated dress that Twitter dubbed a green screen gown. Images were superimposed on it. Bright green, while a lovely and vibrant hue on.
  3. d at any given moment. But Twitter sure tried its Be Best following a particularly odd exchange between the first lady and..
  4. Actress and singer Bette Midler was criticized for her comments about First Lady Melania Trump and her speech at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday. Midler mocked Trump's accent,..
  5. 4.7m Followers, 1 Following, 691 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from First Lady Melania Trump (@flotus) flotus Verified Follow 691 posts 4.7m followers 1 following First Lady Melania Trump This account is run by the.
  6. First Lady Melania Trump's speech during night two of the Republican National Conventiondrew plenty of critics, including comedian Kathy Griffin. As the first lady delivered her address, Griffin delivered outrage in the form of a profanity-laced tweet. Seriously, fuck this bitch. — Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) August 26, 202

メラニア・トランプ( Melania Trump 、出生名:メラニア・クナウス(スロベニア語:Melanija Knavs、英語: Melania Knauss )、1970年 4月26日 - )は、ユーゴスラビア(現:スロベニア)のノヴォ・メスト出身の元モデル。 出身の元モデル US election Music Celebrity Cardi B has unleashed on social media tweeting a steamy, naked photo of First Lady Melania Trump and saying she used to sell that WAP. The avowed Democrat fired up after Republican activist DeAnna Lorraine tweeted: America needs far more women like Melania Trump and far less like Cardi B Some people on Twitter imagined that scene as a bleak one: Melania Trump delivering her RNC convention speech from the newly renovated White House Rose Garden - against a backdrop of 170,000.. After Ivanka Trump's RNC speech on Thursday, first lady Melania Trump appeared to experience a brief system meltdown. After four long, haunting, confusing nights of broadcast, the Republican National Convention concluded on Thursday..

Twitter Has Some Thoughts on Melania Trump's New Rose Garden Christian Allaire 8/23/2020 Death toll in fires rises to nearly 30 The under-the-radar grocery store Aldi fans will love Twitter Has. Melania Trump sends Twitter into meltdown as Donald 'forces' her to smile amid protests US PRESIDENT Donald Trump has been accused of forcing Melania Trump to smile as they posed for photos on a.

Melania Trump sparks furious Twitter row after Pledge of

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Die pikante Vergangenheit von Melania Trump ist inzwischen kein Geheimnis mehr. Dennoch sorgt ein Nacktfoto der First Lady aktuell erneut für Wirbel - oder vielmehr der Disput zweier US-Promi. Melania Trump's address to the Republican National Convention on Tuesday night will be her first sustained public appearance since the start of the coronavirus pandemic that has come to define her. Melania Trump was the keynote speaker on night two of the Republican National Convention, speaking about her husband's presidency from the White House Rose Garden to a group of people and the. Twitter allows 'manipulated' video showing Trump as 'disoriented' to stay online News Also in News OVER & OUT MPs pass Boris Johnson's controversial new Brexit bill at second reading THE SUN SAYS Neighbourliness will get.

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First lady Melania Trump's messaging in the wake of the killing of George Floyd and the resulting protests around the country has frustrated the West Wing, according to a White House official Hollywood actress Better Midler had a xenophobic meltdown on Twitter in response to First Lady Melania Trump's speech at the RNC on Tuesday evening. The First Lady spoke from the Rose Garden where she delivered a powerful speech, calling for unity in the United States Trump took the post boxes out of the post office, the roses out of the rose garden, and the united out of the United States, said one Twitter user. Melania modelled the Rose Garden after. A video of Melania Trump's rapid change of expressions has gone viral, collecting over 5 million views in less than three hours of being shared on Twitter. Take a look: Take a look: This was so weird Melania Trump apparently refused when her husband Donald Trump offered her his hand while stepping off Air Force One. However, Twitter users have varying opinions about the gesture. In a video.

De Amerikaanse rapster Cardi B heeft na een ruzie met politica DeAnna Lorraine een naaktfoto van Melania Trump op Twitter gepubliceerd. WAP is een letterwoord dat staat voor Wet Ass Pussy en is. Some people on Twitter imagined that scene as a bleak one: Melania Trump delivering her RNC convention speech from the newly renovated White House Rose Garden - against a backdrop of 170,000 American deaths - is stunningly out of touch Melania Trump, meanwhile, kept her mouth closed for the entire recitation. The term Pledge of Allegiance quickly began trending on Twitter as the video spread. During the Democratic National.

Bette Midler calls Melania Trump 'illegal alien' on Twitter

Melania Memes Flood Twitter Within hours of Michelle's speech, Melania Trump was trending on the micro-blogging site. I missed Michele Obama's speech. Will I be able to hear it again when Melania. Melania Trump faced intense backlash on Twitter on Tuesday night after her 30-minute address at the Republican Convention, as entertainers Bette Midler and Kathy Griffin and journalist Brian Karam. Melania Trump is the only First Lady not born in the United States, Britain, or British America, making her perspective unique in the annals of presidential history. She was born in communist. white house A GOP election dilemma: Twitter Trump keeps boxing out humanized Trump After the RNC, some Republicans want a little more of Melania Trump's softer tone and a little less of Donald's.

Melania Trump's 'hard working' Labor Day tweet sparks Twitter FURY Melania Trump blasted as coronavirus 'denier' in 'disastrous' tweet I'm very proud I did those pictures. I'm not ashamed of. Melania Trump: Emotionale Rede - aber ihr Outfit sorgt für Diskussionen Neben der Rede selbst und deren Inhalt, wurde in den sozialen Medien wie Twitter auch kontrovers über das Outfit von Melania Trump diskutiert First Lady Melania Trump praised her husband at the 2020 Republican National Convention for his honesty, and Twitter had some questions about it. Mainly — does she realize she's marrie First Lady Melania Trump, center, in a bright, lime green dress at last night's Republican National Convention. It's a color begging to be photoshopped, and the Internet reliably delivere FILE - In this Aug. 24, 2020, file photo first lady Melania Trump visits an exhibit of artwork by young Americans in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment which afforded the.

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  1. First Lady Melania Trump's lime green Valentino frock has been used a green screen on social media, and meme lovers have gladly accepted the challenge. First Lady Melania Trump stole most of the.
  2. MSNBC contributor compares Melania Trump to a Nazi sympathizer Posted at 9:44 pm on September 4, 2020 by Greg P. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter So, you guys remember Melania Trump's big.
  3. Another day in front of the cameras, another opportunity for Melania Trump to awkwardly refuse to respond to her husband's affection in public. A new video shows the current FLOTUS avoid holding Donald Trump's hand not once, but multiple times and social media can't get over it!.
  4. gly Shades Ivanka With Side Eye At RNC & Twitter Is Living For It -- Watch Melania Trump Calls President 'Honest' At RNC & Twitter's Baffled: 'Have You Met Your Husband?' Most Rea
  5. Frothy-mouthed harpies claim Melania Trump put 'KKK' and Nazis in her Rose Garden redesign Posted at 10:17 am on August 23, 2020 by Sam J. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter
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When Trump and wife Melania took the stage in front of The White House, Ivanka Trump had just finished speaking and greeted the pair. While Melania Trump showed a glowing smile when first greeting her step-daughter, she quickly changed after passing by her A former friend and adviser of Melania Trump says the first lady regularly used private email accounts while conducing official business at the White House. President Donald Trump and first lady.

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  1. MELANIA Trump's personal Twitter account 'liked' a tweet mocking her marriage to Donald Trump — but she denies knowing anything about it. Seems the only #Wall @realDonaldTrump's built.
  2. WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Calling it a great idea I just had, Melania Trump said on Wednesday morning that she would deliver her Republican National Convention speech from an empty.
  3. With 99 days remaining in what some hope will be her husband's first and only term, Melania Trump is renovating the White House Rose Garden. Her changes reportedly include electrical upgrades.
  4. WASHINGTON - Melania Trump hosted a roundtable in honor of Recovery Month at the White House on Thursday. First Lady Melania Trump joined the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.

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Today, First Lady Melania Trump met with U.S. Ambassador to Hungary David Cornstein. Ambassador Cornstein and Mrs. Trump discussed Hungary's response to the coronavirus pandemic and the. Melania Trump's Father's Day post on Twitter backfired because netizens attacked her husband President Donald Trump's parenting style. The First Lady of the United States took to social. It's no secret that the relationship between Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump is icy at best. With multiple tell-all books and insider info leaking from the White House, OK! is diving in deep into. Melania Trump's green dress became the focus of the internet's trolling Thursday night | Twitter/ @TheJohnChristie The Republican National Convention had the internet buzzing every night this week, but those with a knack for photoshop paid particular attention to what Melania Trump was wearing on the final night Twitter Link Link Copied More Mail Reddit WhatsApp First lady Melania Trump's former senior adviser and close friend has written a tell-all book that describes the first lady as someone who can.

Melania Trump faces Twitter backlash for redoing the Rose Garden during pandemic By Sophie Lewis July 28, 2020 / 1:50 PM / CBS News Trump attacks Biden during White House remarks Trump attacks. Melania Trump is compared to Jackie Kennedy and Twitter erupts. See the tweets here. White House trade adviser Peter Navarro called Melania Trump 'the Jackie Kennedy of her time' and Twitter. Melania Trump's office did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But this isn't the first time the first lady's fashion choices have reached meme status. In 2018, she wore a jacket that said I really don't care.

Bette Midler hit below the belt in a series of unhinged tweets directed at Melania Trump on Tuesday night — poking fun at her accent and calling the first lady an illegal alien. Midler, 74. Melania tearing out all the flowers and trees in the Rose Garden and leaving it a mere shell of what it once was is a metaphor for Trump's entire presidency. — The Volatile Mermaid (@OhNoSheTwitnt) August 23, 202 — Melania Trump (@FLOTUS) August 22, 2020 The First Lady is set to deliver her Republican National Convention (RNC) speech from the White House Rose Garden. Some people on Twitter imagined that scene as a bleak one

Melania Trump 'Frustrations at US policies' behind Melania Trump statue, says artist Brad Downey says first lady shows contradiction between US's position on race in 202 Melania Trump renovates White House Rose Garden in time for RNC speech; faces backlash on Twitter The details about the newly-renovated space became public after White House gave a tour to. Today, First Lady Melania Trump spoke with Mrs. Akie Abe of Japan. Mrs. Trump thanked Mrs. Abe for the tremendous work she and her husband, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, have done to strengthen the.

After Melania and Donald Trump went viral for yet another awkward hand-holding incident over the weekend, social media has taken to debating the significance of the moment. While many people feel there is a Melania Trump Used Private Email While In White House, Former Adviser Claims President Donald Trump has continued to attack his former rival, Hillary Clinton, for her own use of a private email server while in office Donald Trump was caught on camera running and leaving his wife Melania behind as he seeks for shelter from the freezing cold weather upon arrival on the tarmac. In a clip shared on Twitter, the.

Apparently Trump tried to draw a hurricane path on Melania's dress, a user wrote, white another Twitter user commented, He gone and doodled with the sharpie all over her dress now. I. Melania Trump/Instagram First Lady Melania Trump on Thursday thought she was tweeting a simple Be Best-themed puzzle for kids who are stuck indoors — but Twitter was amused for all the.

The final night of the Republican National Convention featured a number of prominent moments. Between a speech from Ivanka Trump and President Donald Trump delivering a 70-minute-long acceptance speech, First Lady Melania Trump also drew some major attention thanks to her meme-ready green dress.. First Lady Melania Trump got a lot of attention on Thursday night when she appeared wearing an eye-catching lime green dress. Many wondered who designed the dress, and it appears to have been. Melania Trump destroyed Jackie Kennedy's Rose Garden. Think about that. Does it matter much? No. But it sure is emblematic of whose these people are. — Tom Watson (@tomwatson) August 22, 2020.

Another video of the First Lady Melania Trump refusing to hold the Preisdent's hand has emerged. And it's just as painfully cringe as all the other ones. Others on Twitter disputed the fact that. Melania Trump snubbed US President Donald Trump again after he tried to hold her hand while getting down from Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews. The clip of the incident went viral on Twitter. Cardi B's tweet about Melania Trump makes rounds after the rapper was called out on Twitter by a Trump supporter. Read on to know more about this in details. Also Read: Cardi B Slams Trump Supporters For Dancing To 'WAP'; Says 'I'm Calling The FBI'. LO+VIRAL ¡Lleva 12M de reproducciones en Twitter! La mirada surrealista de Melania Trump... En la Convención Republicana que se celebró para ratificar la nominación de Trump para las.

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First Lady Melania Trump on Tuesday posted a photo of herself on Twitter donning a white face mask, urging Americans to wear face coverings and practice social distancing to help to create a. Liberal actress Bette Midler has continued her Twitter feud with President Trump - this time penning a poem about his wife. Bette Midler blasts Melania Trump in poem following Twitter clash with. Melania Trump certainly isn't your conventional First Lady. The 50-year-old grew up in Slovenia (then part of Yugoslavia), before moving to Milan, Italy when she was 18-year-old to pursue her.

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The star immediately came under fire from Twitter users, including Piers Morgan, for the comment. Well, all hell has broken loose because I said Melania â still canâ t speak Englishâ last night Melania Trump Subject to Debate October 5/12, 2020, Issue Melania Trump Really Doesn't Care Melania Trump Really Doesn't Care A new book by her ex-best friend shows how the first lady sold. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump arrive on South Lawn of the White House on the fourth day of the Republican National Convention, Thursday, Aug. 27, 2020.MICHELLE OBAMA'S DNC SPEEC

First lady Melania Trump is hitting back at an anonymously sourced story published in The Atlantic claiming President Trump called fallen American soldiers losers and suckers. This week, The Atlantic journalist Jeffrey Goldberg published a story citing anonymous sources, claiming that Trump did not want to visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery at the site of Battle of Belleau. First Melania Trump looks miserable while barely holding President Donald Trump's hand at the College Football Playoff National Championship game, 1/13/20 (AP) Then, there was that infamous. 277.7k Followers, 193 Following, 3,201 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Melania Trump (@elegant_melania

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Not since Pat Nixon has there been a first lady more inscrutable and less knowable than Melania Trump. The ex-model and third wife of Donald J. Trump has been among the least public of. Many people on Twitter are turning Melania Trump's RNC dress into a green screen. First Lady Melania Trump wore a formal lime-green dress at the Republican National Convention on Thursday night. Melania Trump is also mother to Barron Trump, the youngest of Donald Trump's five children. In her position as U.S. First Lady, she launched BE BEST, a campaign focused around the well-being of. First Lady Melania Trump turned 49 on Friday, but the wishes sent to her on the official White House Twitter account seemed less than celebratory. The @WhiteHouse account posted a photo from March. How Melania Trump wields influence behind the scenes. What genetic analysis of the coronavirus could teach us about its spread. And, protesters fight for the future of Belarus. How Mike Pence has.

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CARDI B has hit out at Melania Trump after a controversial tweet comparing the two. Author DeAnna Lorraine tweeted America could do with more women like Melania, and less like Cardi. It comes. Melania Trump's nude pants confuse Twitter Author: Sara M Moniuszko (USA TODAY) Published: 8:48 AM PST December 29, 2018 Updated: 10:03 AM PST December 29, 2018 First lady Melania Trump is causing. Twitter users commented on how Melania Trump reacted to the way Donald Trump summoned her like a dog Melania Trump's photo smiling beside Barack Obama resurfaced Donald Trump shockingly pats leg. Melania Trump is encouraging Americans to celebrate the nation's diversity in honor of Black History Month.But many people aren't convinced of the first lady's sincerity. Melania took to her. 2020/05/20 - Pinterest で David Wilson さんのボード「Melania」を見てみましょう。。「メラニア, メラニア トランプ, ファーストレディ」のアイデアをもっと見てみましょう。We've noted the history of Donald Trump's image in New.

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